About us

We are the biggest Network of cardiology, angiology and cardiosurgery hospitals on the Polish market – over 30 Departments on the whole territory of Poland. American Heart of Poland is a company with over 14th years experiences, with outstanding team of doctors and the most modern medical equipment. We are a leader in the field of cardiology in Poland.

Medical activities are under supervision of the world famous specialists as Professor Paweł Buszman and Professor Stefan Kiesz – in the cardiology and Professor Andrzej Bochenek – in the cardiosurgery. We guarantee comprehensive care from prevention, through the lifesaving treatments until professional rehabilitation.

Our activity is focus on the heart and circulatory system diseases – from medical examinations to open heart surgeries:

  • Non invasive diagnosis of heart and circulatory system diseases
  • Diagnosis and treatment related to invasive cardiology procedures
  • Diagnosis and treatment of vascular surgery diseases
  • Diagnosis and treatment related to cardiosurgery procedures
  • Cardiology rehabilitation and other

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