Another great success of our researchers from the Center for Cardiovascular Research and Development American Heart of Poland (CCRD AHP)!

One of the most recognized and most important medical and scientific journals "The Lancet", published the results of a six-month trial of treatment of coronary heart disease with the innovative MiStent stent, which was compared with the commonly used Xience stent in clinical practice. Researchers from CCRD AHP played a key role in the study, involving the optical coherence tomography of the stent (OCT) at 6 months after implantation, which allowed a detailed assessment of their healing and effectiveness. MiStent is the only stent on the market that is characterized by a very long time of drug release to the vessel walls (about 9 months) which gives a great opportunity to avoid re-revascularization. In the published paper, the OCT performed by the doctors of CCRD AHP proved a better MiStent performance with an identical safety profile compared to Xience stents. Doctors assume that the results of this trial may result into less frequent re-treatment, which will be a great benefit for patients and for the entire health care system.

That is why it is worth investing in science and searching for more and more effective methods of treatment. Knowing that the results of our research help save many lives, gives the whole team lots of satisfaction and inspiration for further efforts - says Assoc. Prof. Krzysztof Milewski, Director of the AHP Research and Development Center.

 Polish cardiology is highly valued in the world, what makes us very proud. Investment in health is always the best investment - emphasizes Professor Paweł Buszman, CEO of the American Heart of Poland

 Co-authors of the work published in the Lancet are CBR researchers (AHP): Assoc. Prof. MD, PhD Krzysztof Milewski, Assoc. Prof. MD, PhD Aleksander Żurakowski,

and Prof. Md, PhD Paweł Buszman and Assoc. Prof. MD, PhD Maciej Kośmider from American Heart of Poland.

 Congratulations to entire team for another significant, international success!