Opening of the Research and Development Centre of American Heart of Poland

13 June 2012 – American Heart of Poland (AHP) has officially opened its Research and Development Centre (CBR), the only such centre for pre-clinical and clinical research in Poland. At this centre the latest medical discoveries get a chance for safe move from a laboratory to an operating theatre where they can save lives of patients with cardio-vascular diseases.

The research team led by Professor Paweł Buszman, Associate Professor Wojciech Wojakowski and Dr Krzysztof Milewski, tests at the CBR new medical devices, drugs and methods of treating cardio-vascular diseases. The work includes, for example, local administration of drugs in the treatment of arteriosclerosis and restenosis prevention, latest methods of preventing post reperfusion damage in heart attacks and methods of heart muscle and vessels regeneration after a heart attack. Methods of repair and laparoscopic implantation of heart valves, new intra-vascular stents and innovative methods of treating hypertension are also developed and tested.

CBR AHP has its own tissue bank and cell-breeding laboratory, allowing it to conduct research into heart and vessels regeneration.

Our Centre is the only such specialised facility in Poland. Over a period of several years we have achieved many successes. We launched the first Polish metal stents (made of 316L stainless steel and cobalt-chrome) and drugs-releasing stents with biodegradable coating, as safe and effective as those made abroad, but many times cheaper, allowing their broad application – said Professor Paweł Buszman, the initiator and co-founder of CBR AHP.

The Experimental Laboratory of AHP was established in May 2004, in co-operation with young physicians and students and institutions propagating and developing new technologies applied in medicine. The main purpose of establishing the CBR was to set up the first Polish centre engaged in translation medicine research. The transformation of the Laboratory into the Research and Development Centre was possible thanks to PLN 18 million in the EU funding acquired by the Polish American Heart under the Innovative Economy Operational Programme 4.5 Support for investments of significant importance for the economy.

Thanks to the EU funds obtained for extending the CBR we were able to intensify out activities and extend the scope of our research – added Professor Buszman.

Although numerous studies on cells and tissues have been developed in recent years, translation studies still remain irreplaceable.

Our scientists are currently engaged in studies involving further innovative techniques of treating cardio-vascular diseases. New generation stents, “closers” of atrial septums, electrodes for temporary heart stimulation or drug-coated balloons used to treat restenosis of coronary and peripheral arteries, these are just some of the new technologies which, thanks to the tests conducted at CBR, have a chance of being used in medical practice in a near future – informed Dr Krzysztof Milewski, Head of the Experimental Laboratory at CBR.

CBR AHP is not just the latest technologies, but also advanced training programmes and internships for physicians in the area of diagnosis and treatment of cardio-vascular diseases.

Thanks to the co-operation with the leading centres in Europe and the USA, physicians can develop in a professional, international environment. This means that they do not have to seek development opportunities outside of Poland – explained Professor Paweł Buszman.