Revolutionary procedure at American Heart of Poland Clinic in Ustroń

12 September 2012 – on 5 September, doctors from American Heart of Poland (AHP) carried out a procedure consisting in implanting bio-absorbable stents, which are completely dissolved in the patient’s body. It was the first such commercially performed procedure in Poland and one of the few ever conducted in the world. The first patients received this revolutionary vascular diseases treatment at the centre in Ustroń.

A team of specialists from American Heart of Poland in Ustroń, led by Dr Marek Król, performed a coronary angioplasty in a 55-year old man diagnosed with unstable angina pectoris. The morbidly changed coronary vessels have been widened by implanting two bio-absorbable stents manufactured by Abbott Vascular.

In the initial period bio-absorbable stents act as mechanical scaffoldings of the widened vessel and a reservoir of the drug preventing restenosis, i.e. a process causing its contraction – explained Dr Marek Król, head of the 1st Cardiology and Angiology Department at American Heart of Poland in Ustroń. Once the widened part of the vessel is stabilized, the stents are completely dissolved. After two years there is no trace of them left in the body.

American Heart of Poland has for many years been conducting research involving, among others, testing new medical devices and drugs and treatments of cardio-vascular diseases at the Research and Development Centre (CBR). The work includes, for example, local administration of drugs in the treatment of arteriosclerosis and restenosis prevention, latest methods of preventing post reperfusion damage in heart attacks and methods of heart muscle and vessels regeneration after a heart attack. Methods of repair and laparoscopic implantation of heart valves, new intra-vascular stents and innovative methods of treating hypertension are also developed and tested.

For the last 12 years the American Heart of Poland in Ustroń has been a unique model of comprehensive cardiological care on the European scale. Patient care begins at the outpatient clinic and continues through diagnosing and treatment using intervention or cardio-surgical procedures, ending with rehabilitation.