Radosław Stefan Kiesz

PAKSCo-founder and deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board of American Heart of Poland. Clinical Professor of Medicine and Cardiology, of Polish descent, at the University of Texas. Chairman of San Antonio Endovascular & Heart Institute and Medical Director of Stone Oak Center for Angiography & Interventions, San Antonio, Texas – institutes reputed to be the best in the world in terms of experience and results in vascular treatment of lower extremities. His interventions are an alternative to open heart surgery or surgical interventions in neck, peripheral and renal arteries, which must not be performed in the most seriously ill patients.

He is a world pioneer in interventional cardiology and endovascular surgery. When he still lived in Poland, he was the first surgeon in the world to perform a life-saving angioplasty in an urgent case. During his career in the USA he worked with professor Andreas Gruntzig, a pioneer in the field of angioplasty, professor John Simpson, a pioneer in atherectomy and professor Julio Palmaz, who was the inventor of the world’s first stent. Professor Kiesz was the first surgeon in the world to successfully introduce a stent into the stem of a coronary artery. As the third physician in the world he performed a stenting of a neck artery. He is among the world’s pioneers in stenting of femoral and renal arteries. He published the first survey in the world in which stenting was coupled with local administration of a drug, known as POLONIA Study. It opened an era of the so-called drug stents. Professor Kiesz is a pioneer in atherectomy and other techniques of restoring patency to below-knee blood vessels in patients suffering from peripheral arteries disease and at risk of amputation. He was the first to perform joint interventions on neck, coronary and peripheral arteries. He is the inventor of cardiac catheters KIESZ Curve TM. In Poland he performed first directional atherectomy, rotablation for coronary artheries and peripheral artheries atherectomy.

Professor Kiesz supervised over 80 American medical centres, including the most important academic institutions in the United States, after coronary and femoral stents had been officially approved for clinical use by the FDA. For many years he trained other physicians in the use of modern techniques of interventional cardiology in treating patients with cardiovascular diseases in the USA, Europe, Japan, South Korea and Latin America. For many years he served as the head of Interventional Cardiology in one of the largest VA medical centres in the United States. Since 1991, he has regularly visited Poland, bringing with him state-of-the-art medical technologies and equipment and educating Polish doctors on cardiovascular interventions in seriously ill patients in the leading medical centres in Warsaw, Katowice and Krakow. He created and funded the first “Interventional Cardiology Forum” symposium, which initially took place in Katowice and whose traditions are now continued in Krakow.

He is a fellow of cardiological associations in the USA (Fellow American College of Cardiology, Society for Cardiovascular Angiography and Interventions), Europe (Fellow European Society of Cardiology) and the Polish Cardiac Society. He is the author of over 100 publications and abstracts in the most prestigious specialist journals.